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Yarn pr0n

I've been a little remiss in documenting some of my knitting projects. I'm sure everyone is horribly disappointed.

Anyway, item #1 is that I finally got around to felting the bag I knit. I took a couple of pictures but the difference isn't too visible in them ... but take my word for it that the bag is now much fuzzier.

the bag on a chair
the bag being held

(Some pre-felting picture of the bag are in an earlier post in my livejournal if you want to see if you can tell the difference.)

Also, the scarf that I've been working on on and off for about a year is now about eight feet long. I want it to be at least ten feet long and maybe as long as twelve, so there's still a ways to go, but I think I'm definitely in the home stretch!

a fairly long scarf

I thought I posted about this in March, but I can't find the post. Anyway, I reckon it's about four feet longer than it was then, so.

Probably of most interest to Kibologists who are reading this:

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