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Newsweek story on the Scholastic Aptitude Test

The following is the first paragraph of a story titled How to Survive the New SAT by Richard Rubin in the current Newsweek.
Maybe they should just call it the SIT. Because that's what students will do when the new SAT debuts in March: sit through a new grammar section, sit through a new write-your-own-essay section and sit through an already grueling test that's 25 percent longer. The college-entrance exam -- three hours and 45 minutes in all -- will test the patience of a generation hooked on videogames and instant messaging. The new SAT will require perseverance, and it will require thinking in full paragraphs.

The main idea of this paragraph could best be summarized as:

Previous versions of the SAT were more humane, as test-takers were allowed to stand up or lie down while taking them.
Thinking in full paragraphs is difficult when you are as drunk as the copy editor of this piece was.
Tests were easier when you didn't have to write your own essays.
Irony is dead.
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