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(Subject line from random piece of spam.)

I was inadvertently reminded by everybabyweeps that over the past couple of years I've written a bunch of reviews of different kinds of soda. I had some sort of grand plan to put together web pages with pictures and everything but that has never happened, so I figured I would link to them here, where at least I could keep track of them.

22 August 2002: Dr Pepper: red fusion

24 October 2002: Bubble Up, Genuine Faygo Delicious Rock & Rye! Artificially Flavored Creme-Cola

25 October 2002: Kickapoo Joy Juice: The Original Dogpatch Recipe, Moxie Cherry Cola

2 May 2003: Doctor Whatever (my reviews of soda that manfire sent me start here)

7 May 2003: non-alcoholic sangria SENORIAL Natural and Artifical Flavor Sangria Flavored Carbonated Beverage

8 May 2003: INCA KOLA, the Golden kola, the golden carbonated beverage


13 May 2003: Sanbittèr
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