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Brief show report

It wasn't the best show Chris and I have done (at least in part because my head was completely stuffed up, making it difficult for me to hear what was going on) but Paul Geremia did compliment us on our rendition of 'Kind Hearted Woman' so that's gotta be worth something, I think.

Geremia also had a cold but put on a nice show regardless. I recorded some of it; I'll see tomorrow how/if the recordings came out.

He suggested that next time we opened for him we should do a couple of songs together, which gives us a couple of months to figure out what songs we could possibly play with Paul Geremia.

Billy Goode's is supposed to call us in the next few days to book another show, but we've heard that before ...

Now I will go to bed, hopefully not to arise for many hours.
Tags: killdevils
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