Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Going to Hell

I had a dream last night in which I went to Hell.

Most of the dream took place in a Limbo-like place where I and a bunch of other people were waiting to be judged. (I think we went there by bus.) It transpired that God had only recently actually begun creating things, and that everything and everyone that I had previously encountered had been fake (and I myself had not been real), just sort of a thought experiment by God to make sure he got everything right.

Then God finally got around to making some stuff. The first two things He made were the tenth and third levels of Hell. [I don't know if Hell is actually supposed to have that many levels, or if so what they're for, but that's what it was in the dream.] Then, once those were sorted out, He made me and one other guy named Ray Bonneville (not someone I know in real life). Then, being as we were unrepentant sinners and all, he sent us to Hell (10th level). The next day he created about a dozen other people and sent them to Hell too. This is about where I woke up.

It turns out that if there's just you and one other guy in Hell it's not that bad -- hot and humid and far from pleasant, but, you know, you adapt. (Or at least I did; Ray got pretty morose.) [Providence is going through a muggy spell -- in Providence we call these spells 'summer' -- and I think this influenced my vision of Hell.]

Also, there was a toy store in Hell. It sold some odd crushed objects that I realized after a couple of minutes were models of cars that had been in bad car wrecks.

Despite the potentially grim subject matter, the overall mood pervading this dream was cynical amusement.
Tags: dream, hell, religion
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