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this post is just to annoy margo_virago

At knitting group tonight, margo_virago mentioned to me that thanks to an earlier post of mine the song 'Afternoon Delight' was stuck in her brane all day. (Also, she told me she hates me forever!)

And I said that at least I didn't have to suffer alone. See, when I mentioned hearing the song to Chris the other day he had no idea what I was talking about.

margo_virago then told me that she hadn't originally heard of the song, either, but some time ago when a friend of hers somehow learned that she hadn't heard it before he forced her to listen to it and predicted that now that she knew what song it was she'd hear instrumental versions of it forever -- in banks, elevators, restaurants, anywhere where string-laden instrumental versions of crappy seventies songs are to be found.

And he was right. Bwahahahaha!

So, anyway, if you're not familiar with the song, maybe you don't want to seek it out.

In other musical news, towards the end of the knitting meet-up the Cafe Java staff put on a CD that included a Spanish version of 'I Will Survive'.
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