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Finished knitting hat

I bought some yarn from spinningbee not too long ago and, after consulting my sister and her husband, decided that this hat pattern from knitty.com would be just the ticket. I didn't think I had enough spinningbee yarn to knit the whole thing, so I made the folded-up band using a different yarn.

Tonight I finished it!

The yarn was (as you might guess) a little strange to work with, but it was fun and I am quite happy with how the hat came out. (I think it will be pretty warm, too, which is nice since it's starting to get cold out.)

I noticed that the yarn has a noticeable sort of cinnamon smell which is quite pleasant (although I imagine it will fade as time passes). When I asked her about this, spinningbee told me she used to keep a sachet in her yarn bin ... plus she burns incense while spinning her wool which might add to the mix. It's something else.

If you want some of her yarn to play with yourself, she sells stuff in a few places: her livejournal, her ebay store, and I believe pluckyfluff is going to start carrying some of her yarn soon.
Tags: hat, knitting
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