Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Going solo

Chris Monti is going to have an operation on Friday and is probably going to be out of commission for the week after that, but we have a couple of shows that week (Monday November 1 at Billy Goodes in Newport and Thursday November 4 at the Java Hut in Worcester).

So we've decided that I will do the shows alone. I can't say I've never performed by myself in public before, because I've played at a few open mics, but those were all like three songs, whereas the Newport show will be about an hour and the Worcester show will be three hours.

I put together a list of all the songs I know and then went through to see how many of them I would need to play (I generally estimate about ten songs to the hour). The answer: All of them. So it's practice practice practice time.

I am pretty nervous about it, but I think it will also be fun. I'll do a few songs that I've never worked out an arrangement with Chris, and I'll also try doing my own version of a few songs that Chris normally plays (including a couple that he wrote). Also, I'll be making extensive use of the twelve-string guitar (which typically is so overpowering it's difficult to play at the same time someone else is also playing guitar). So hopefully it will go okay.

There may also be some kazoo playing.

The next week (November 8) I'll be out of town for work, so Chris will then take his own turn playing solo at Billy Goodes, which he is much more experienced at and which should be quite good.

Wish me luck!
Tags: killdevils, solo

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