Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Tribute to an Unnamed Woman

I posted this to ARK after something I read there led to me doing a little woolgathering, which in turn prompted me to do a little rummaging around on the Internet, which, somewhat to my surprise, resulting in my finding the web page of a woman I knew in college, which in turn caused me to write this little pseudo-tribute to her for whatever reason. And now I'm posting it here too. Who knew?

My memory being what it is, dates and other details are probably wrong.

Oh, how nice to have known you, cute woman with a nifty British accent! Your pronunciation of the word 'yoghurt' was a thing of marvel and caused me great pleasure every time I heard it, and although my efforts to mimic it were never fully successful, they too were quite enjoyable!

And ah, your social graces! Your ability to turn me down when I asked you on a date in such a way as to make me cheerful instead of sending me into a deep depression as I would have expected was without peer! Your wisdom and adroitness in preventing me from discussing my crush on you with you was also extraordinary and was greatly appreciated, as it could have only led to unhappiness!

Your willingness to prevent me from starving by having me join your food-co-op, despite the fact that this resulted in more social interaction with me than you probably would have preferred having in an ideal world, was and is greatly appreciated by me! I would probably not have met many of my current friends had I not been involved in the co-op, so the pleasure I derive from them also reflects well on you at some remove, so I will give you some extra credit there, not that you particularly need it!

Your praises let me sing, o woman who convinced me to rescue a kitten and helped pay to get it spayed and vaccinated and found a temporary home for it when neither of us was in a position to take care of it and then later returned and reclaimed it! If your web page is accurate and I remember the cat's name correctly, you still have it, which is somehow pleasing to know!

Your mathematical ability was quite great and your ability to graduate in four years with honors was unequalled by, say, me!

So, basically, I hope that your life is currently very pleasant, because you are smart and nice and generally a nifty person! Unless you have changed hugely in the past eight years, but I doubt it!

I think that's about it! OK! Thanks again! Bye!
Tags: crush, writing

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