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My sister and her husband frequently order out for Chinese food. A few months ago, my sister got a fortune cookie fortune that said 'There is some cake in your future.' Then, a week later, her husband got one that said 'Soon, you will be eating some excellent cake.'

So clearly the fates were telling them something, and they suggested that the next time I came up to visit I might bring along a cake from Pastiche, an excellent dessert place on Federal Hill in Providence.

This I was happy to do. (Yum.) The next time I went to visit them I therefore stopped by Pastiche and picked up a chocolate mousse pie, which was consumed and enjoyed. My brother-in-law then joked that he wasn't sure that the chocolate mousse cake technically counted as 'cake' since it was sort of pudding-like.

Well, really, I don't mind having an excuse to get a nice dessert from Pastiche, so the next time I went up to visit I stopped by Pastiche and this time picked up one of their 'American seven-layer cakes'. I brought it up to them and it was duly devoured and enjoyed.

I'm going up to visit them for Thanksgiving and I called them to figure out the schedule. After we'd been talking a little while my sister said, 'Oh, Joe wanted to tell me that since you've done a certain something twice in a row he thinks it's kind of a tradition, if you don't mind ...'

So Tuesday evening I'll stop by again and pick something up. The Italian Mascarpone Torte maybe?

I could get used to this.
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