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Tonight's show went really well (no recordings though I'm afraid). Since we weren't sure in advance that it was going to go that way (Ed Demille, who played the Handsonic drum kit, set the baseline at the beginning of the night by saying that he would be happy if nobody threw anything at us) it felt all the better.

The way the evening worked was:

At around 9:30 pm a DJ played some beats (from a CD) and some people breakdanced. After that, a few rappers rapped to some CD beats. This brought us to around 10:30 pm.

At that point we (Chris on guitar, me on keyboards, Ed on electronic drum kit, and Francis on upright bass) took the stage. Each of us except for Ed sang a song, and I think each of us expected the crowd to hate his song. The songs were:

1) Scuzzy Wuzzy -- this was Francis's song with a sort of spoken word chorus. It's funky! This was a good choice to lead off. During this song pretty much all my nervousness about performing melted away. I got to make flying saucer noises.

2) Long in the Tooth -- this is a song Chris wrote and sang, a sort of reggae number. Chris was nervous about how into this song the crowd would be and for a while this song was scheduled to be played third so that there would be another song for the crowd to get used to us in. However I convinced him that my song needed even more of a buildup, so we ended up doing it second. Anyway, people liked it.

3) Caldonia -- my song. This song was written by Louis Jordan and I wasn't sure how appropriate it was, but everyone enjoyed the hell out of playing it in rehearsal so it was decided that it should be included. It's an upbeat blues with goofy lyrics. It got applause.

4) Country Boy in the City -- Chris wrote this song, which is sort of Ani Difrancoesque, but for this show he decided not to perform the lyrics and instead had Plan B and some of the other rappers come up on stage and do a freeform rap. It worked really well.

This allowed us to segue nicely into the set we had planned with Plan B, which included seven songs that he gave us arrangements to on a CD, plus a song where we played the changes to 'The Thrill Is Gone', and finally a song whose arrangement we came up with during practice by jamming in the key of E.

We got done around midnight or a little after and get a lot of applause and people came up to us after and said nice things and one woman got Chris's card because she was interested in having us do some musical accompaniment for something sometime. So, big success!

After the show, local artist Peter Boyle came up to me and said, "I'm not sure what you did, but I know it will have reverberations." So, there you are.

After we finished our set the next act, a funk band named Waterbed, set up and started playing. They were good, but I decided that I had to either go home and decompress and hopefully get to bed by around 3 am or so, or else I could stay there and probably not get any sleep tonight. Tomorrow being a work day I decided that trying to get some sleep was probably a good idea.
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