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Review of Thursday's show

Artist Peter John Boyle wrote up some reviews of recent AS220 shows including last Thursday's. Since it's mixed in with a bunch of other reviews and I don't see an obvious way to link just to it I'll reproduce it here.

                 MEETS M.I.A?
          GOIN ON!
                       OF HISTORY AND NAIVE VOICES

Huh whutt? Just when you thought the cross pollination of musical/performance modes IN HOUSE on empire street had finally been given a rest with the death rattle of the neo-non-entities, T.F.O started featuring a viola, and metropolitan opera attitudes, Chris Warren filled a waterbed with home grown jello shots and finally, the collective blues/folk archive of impossibly inventive and authentic players,assembled around Chris Monti under the banners of third story congress and the kildevils, put themselves at the service of the best intentions of the in-house, hip hopsters collctively caled MIA.

First of all let me say that ALL THESE FUCKING NAMES HAVE GOT ME IN APOPLECTIC SHOCK. The MIA "group" is approximately three or four or five or so familiar faces.. PLAN B aka josh BC aka harmony POET aka Kevin, Twigs aka I cant remember "and THEIR SISTERS AND THEIR COUSINS WHO'LL BE RECONNED BY THE DOZENS AND THEIR AUNTZZZ" and it just aint fair to expect an ancient hippy & longwinded & toothless typewriter tapper to make sense out who says "yo" when. 

As far as I can tell this miracle is primarily the brainchild of PLAN B, but is as much the creation of Chris, Francis, Ed and Jake who have impressed me over and over as being the most impossibly gifted players in both their abilities and their willingness to be avant guardians and servants of the muse.

The miracle is that my response to hip hop jabbering of this inexplicably popular gangsta genre, WAS COMPLETELY POLARIZED, FROM THE MOST NEGATIVE TO THE EXTREMEST POSITIVE, simply by having musicians of the sublime quality of third story congress ACTUALLY EXCECUTING the loops of melody, bass and beats that the MIA gang had mixed onto a CD via the conventional modes.

Forgive me my pedantic blurbology but this was really an amazing feat.

The final song of the evening featured a loop sampled from BB KINGS "the thrill is gone" but it was actually re-created live (OVER N OVER N OVER)immaculately in real time without the rappers experiencing anything other than a mindblowing delight and an access to their own souls which mere technology cannot offer. Did I acctually say anything other than delight?

That just shows how far I will go in abusing significance to create subliminal assonance donnit?

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