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I gave blood last night (got my two gallon mug)! Somehow I manage to forget how unpleasant giving blood makes me feel the next day -- or maybe I fool myself into thinking that there's something new I can try to prevent it. It never works, though.

I had planned to work a couple of hours today and then take the rest of the day off to nap and otherwise recover, but it turns out that everyone else in my department has the flu, so that's not such a good idea. Oh, well. I should feel better tomorrow.

The question is, will I cancel music practice tonight, and if I don't will I go to Trinity Brewhouse to see the Last Minute Blues Band afterwards? Arguably I should skip both, but I feel like if I can't skip work then I shouldn't skip the things I really enjoy, either, even if I'm not well enough to enjoy them. (That's logic, that is.)

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