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Show report

Chris and I played tonight at AS220. Three bands played; we were first, Fancy Trash was second, and Route 44 were third. Both of the other bands were really good and I enjoyed listening to them a lot!

Things went really smoothly; everyone showed up on time, the soundman was very good and the sound checks were quick and efficient, etc.

A few people from snbprov showed up: spinningbee, her husband Brian, and christychristy, which was awesome. Francis (the bass player from Chris's other band) and one of Chris's sisters and some of her friends also showed up. It was quite an enthusiastic crowd! (Though not a very big one; I think the snow probably didn't help.) Thanks to everyone who came.

Despite all of this, I was really nervous on stage -- I haven't felt this freaked out performing in a really long time. I'm not sure why that is; maybe just because AS220 is pretty different from the other venues we've been playing at, which are primarily bars or coffee shops rather than musical venues. But I think I still played OK and apparently my nervousness wasn't really evident to the audience.

The set list:
  1. Leaving In The Morning (by C. Monti)
  2. Green Mountain Blues (by C. Monti)
  3. Roommate Blues (by J. Haller)
  4. Low Land (by C. Monti)
  5. Lady Luck (by J. Haller)
  6. The JCBFI Blues (by C. Monti)
  7. Editors at War (by A. Weinberg/J. Haller)
  8. "Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth" (by C. Bennetto/J. Haller)
  9. St. Louis Blues (by W.C. Handy, arr. Monti/Haller)
  10. Hybrid Car (by J. Haller)
  11. The Local Expatriate (by C. Monti)

I think it was a pretty good set and it really built up to a climax at the end. It would have been nice to have a few more upbeat songs, so perhaps I should try writing some more sometime ... Theoretically we made a recording of tonight, but we don't know yet if it actually came out. (We've had some bad luck in that area recently.) If it sounds good it will probably go up on the Killdevils website sometime in the near future.

Tomorrow (well, Monday, so I guess technically today) I have hip-hop band practice starting a noon and going on until 4 pm or so, and then I have a solo show at Billy Goodes in Newport starting around 8 pm (Chris has another commitment for the evening), so the musical madness continues!
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