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I did a little online search to find the phone number for the Providence Pizza Palace on Elmwood Avenue (I decided to order pizza for lunch so I wouldn't have to go out into the cold) and I stumbled across this U.S. First Court of Appeals case, which reads in part:
Arias testified that he had "bumped into" Moscoso "on the street" in New York City a few months earlier and urged him to call "if he ever came [to Providence]." Then, according to Arias, on November 5, 1998, Moscoso called, stated that he was in the Providence area, and asked Arias to meet him at the corner of Broad Street and Clayton Street and drive him to the Providence Pizza Palace, where Moscoso was to meet someone named "Miguel."
The circumstantial evidence presented by the government sharply undercut the "mere presence" defense offered by Arias, readily enabling the jury to find beyond a reasonable doubt that at around 8:30 p.m. on November 5, 1998, the Providence Police Department had received an anonymous tip that two Hispanic males were en route to the Providence Pizza Palace from New York City in a blue Volkswagen, bearing Rhode Island license plate CV-270, with a large quantity of heroin.
(The Providence Pizza Palace is about a half mile from where I live.)

I hope they make good pizza!
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