Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

2:40 am notes

Man, was I ever happy tonight that I got around to finishing the giant scarf.

Had a show down in Newport opening for Paul Geremia. In figuring out the set list and so on I was sort of excited by the possibility that Paul might show up early and hear us play, and in the even he actually did! However, in real life it turned out that that just made us really nervous. Regardless, I think we put in a pretty good set, although I'm not sure how into it Paul was.

However, he played really well, maybe the best I've heard him play recently. He took an extended set break from around 11 pm to midnight to go back to his apartment and retrieve some 78 RPM records for Chris and I; at a previous show he'd heard us do a couple of Louis Jordan tunes and he had picked up a couple of Louis Jordan 78s to give to us, and then I guess once he was back at his apartment he got sucked into his record collection and by the time he returned he had a somewhat random selection of, I dunno, maybe thirty or so to give to us. Pretty cool! I don't have a record player so Chris has custody of them currently.

I thought there were other things too. What were they?

Oh. Tomorrow the hip-hop group's supposed to do a couple of short sets at The Providence Black Repertory Company, and then on Sunday I was thinking of heading up to Massachusetts to visit family (my brother-in-law's birthday is on Monday). But I guess we're supposed to get a couple of feet of snow tomorrow, so some or all of this may be cancelled, which in reality I wouldn't mind too much, because it would be nice to have a weekend in which I had an excuse to basically sit around and watch movies and knit all day. I should probably go grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon though.

Also, I foolishly turned off my heat when I left for tonight's gig, so I'm sort of chilly now.

For reasons too complicated and dull to go into here I am doing laundry right now.

Anyway, I was sort of sad to miss snbprov, but going to Newport ended up being a lot of fun, so I'm glad it worked out.

I should probably post this before it gets any more incoherent.
Tags: hip-hop, killdevils, knitting, music

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