Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

tomorrow plans

What are the actual odds that I will do more than one or two of these? We'll find out!

Anyway, some thing I am thinking of doing tomorrow:

- Waiting (if necessary) until the snow stops, then shoveling my car out [or maybe I'll wait until Monday].

- MAYBE going to a knitting or craft store to get the stuff I need to finish up the yeti I'm knitting, but this is even more of an outside shot than the rest of the stuff on this list [Accuweather says it'll snow until 7 pm, so this would appear to be out.]

- Work on some of the remaining Livejournal lyrics

- Maybe record a piano solo for a sekret project

- More watching of DVDs and knitting of gloves

- Pay bills

- Make a nice lunch or dinner or something using the ingredients I purchased today

- Drink hot chocolate

- Attempt to figure out lyrics and chords for a couple of songs The Killdevils want to cover

- Update websites

Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should go to bed soon.

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