Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Mistargeted spam

I was spammed by a site apparently devoted to vegetables, which suggested I put a link to their site on one of my episodes of Scientifiction Theater, the one entitled The Power of Brine. Whee!
Subject: Re: www.jwgh.org/ark/articles/scientifiction.html
To: spog@jwgh.org
From: vegetables@[redacted].com
Reply-To: spog@jwgh.org <- Hm, this is clever


I checked your website http://www.jwgh.org/ark/articles/scientifiction.html and I believe it is compatible with mine, and I think it would be great to make a link exchange. My name is Paul Cabay and this is my site: [redacted]/vegetables.

What do you say? If the answer is yes then all you have to do is to visit my online submission form [redacted]/vegetables/form.html and introduce your data there and your link will be up on my site in a few hours.

And this is my linking information :

URL: http://www.[redacted]/vegetables/ Title: Vegetables Directory Description: vegetables related news, books and web resources

or just cut & paste this HTML


<a href="http://www.[redacted].com/vegetables/">Vegetables Directory</a> - vegetables related news, books and web resources.<br><br>


Thank you kindly!
Paul Cabay

P.S. Should you consider my email unwanted, you don't need to worry because I will not email you again unless you contact me.

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