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Still plenty of nothing. A little dull, but I feel oddly emotionless -- I guess glands and hormones and things have a lot to do with what I would normally consider my mental state. Does that sentence even make sense? Oh, well.

I guess I may as well record how I got here. Not much to tell -- I woke up this morning (well, some morning -- not sure how the concepts apply any more) and was taking a shower when I suddenly felt the Universe collapsing in on me. I don't remember a lot about it -- it happened too fast for me to really tell what was going on -- but there was a sense of everything simultaneously shrinking and becoming less substantial. Then, quite literally, nothing.

I guess I could be in a hospital somewhere unconscious right now, but that doesn't feel right. I've never had a dream like this as far as I can remember. Although I have had some pretty dull dreams in my time. Anyway, this experience seems completely new.
Tags: rabbit hole day

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